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The first is her most principled Chinese female soldier.The second she is a principled Chinese girl. Every day after a great exercise in the training of the tired body and then natural male enhancement herbs study the business of paperwork. The birds are in the low places and can be very birds.Although I am not a bird nowadays, when the rare birds come first, I still follow the principle of the bird of this kobold. I did not look back I know, this look, I really can not walk.Really.Many the red pill male enhancement reviews years later, because of this novel, I once again referred to the Military General Hospital. If there is an 81 automatic rifle I am not afraid, I said I was a master of automatic rifle speed, I guess the wolf will not have my gnc male enhancement products fast speed shot, 35 seconds, I can accurately hit 30 essential oils for male enhancement rounds, and all hits 100 meters to 50 meters away from the front of the range of natural male enhancement herbs 60 degrees just jump out of the plate target. My natural male enhancement herbs brother struggled less than 1 kilometer behind me, their body covered by an what are male enhancement pills umbrella, twisted by a rope, heavily armed with firearms, and they were falling and falling How can they break free themselves Navy dog days why not save it I scolded the dog high school squadron curse exercise scolded the navy scold all I think of everything. You not only make up, but also wearing a black skirt or mop natural male enhancement herbs on the floor can be the kind of mop I know it is your costumes, I am idle when the egg hurt like you always open this joke, When you cry, you cry in fact, I tell you now, I just made you cry because you cry just like her, and I like to coax you in fact, coax her. I am grateful to the little Philippine is not a little bit, because I thought I had seen a small shadow also had to come back more than a month, and this time again saw the more romantic with the mountain I took the small shadow of the hand deliberately walk in the back deliberately walk the mountain intentionally walked into the woods. Three little wolf cubs.They frolic, howling, the bite of this tail, that bite that ear, the same as the small dog roll away. I still do not speak, you still can not speak.Silence is the only choice that I and you were then. I did not know where to say it first Say a small shadow.Little shadow blush.For you, do not you blush ah But blush is fairy ah Absolute fairy ah What words can I describe fairy. Forced to share, there is a way.When I woke up in the morning, I always wondered when this day was a head start In fact, I natural male enhancement herbs reconnaissance Lianlian time is not long, it will stay for a few months now. Professional too strong, preparation is too small, the surface is too narrow.People can not just consider looking glorious youth, right I have a future, right I want to have wife and children, right Special Operations Battalion field field army high tech infantry division teacher Play legendary game ah He will be a few sets of style, saying an inappropriate analogy, is born as a thief s material, you have to let him go to highway robbery ah Is not a supervisor think so ah Moreover, take the career tired ah Is this something I can do in a small village Do you really think that being a young officer is as simple as a TV series Is it in natural male enhancement herbs line with what old strategic guiding ideology in the fight, wholeheartedly put the unit s combat effectiveness up Military commander level what is another green light all the way That s too easy Too underestimating the bureaucratic management system all over the world have Any struggle is tortuous, the process is complicated, can be one plus one equals two so simple You have the ability to upgrade ah So simple What is the rise and fall topical male enhancement of officialdom I am still an 18 year old soldier to know the truth, how now so many adults do not want to understand When a professional soldier, really so simple When the troops are undergoing reforms and retreats, what should they do At that time, what excellent tube is not good for you When millions of large disarmament, Is there no good young officers there is ambition natural male enhancement herbs to be a general to the material National army plans, then take care of so much You a small village not natural male enhancement herbs to mention I feel that they are not the generals of the material, that you give it to lay off you Fudge you in the army so few years back to the place have 30, but also to start ah This is not a drawback, the world s military is the bird like. I miss her, I really miss her.Because, I want a good cry in natural male enhancement herbs her arms.But I will not tell her a child, because she will worry about me.I took the chief of staff to the military meeting of the car to the provincial capital, natural male enhancement herbs put me in the largest department store door. The voice was light, only I could hear myself.The voice is very light, but always stay in my memory.

The major hurried to her.But just the moment she turned around I saw her side, the side I day and night think I will not be wrong I am in the most difficult time most painful when the most lonely when the most lost when she is in best herbal male enhancement pills my side in my mind in the gentle with me happy to accompany me with my arms. I look again, behind him is a dozen of realdealview our dog brigade soldiers not soldiers, are officers, all cadres. They wrote a lot of our own songs, and we used to sing for natural male enhancement herbs a while to sing because it was ours just, do not know where they are one time male enhancement pill now, natural male enhancement herbs are the lyrics and the music still alive brothers and sisters on each side, you know the kind of piercing thoughts Tears rain is what does it mean I know now. So peace.Hard to understand I do not think so.The existence of the army, that natural male enhancement herbs is, the soldiers who have to pay the price.Not only youth, but also life. Looking back I natural male enhancement herbs think it really is his grandmother lawless A group natural male enhancement herbs of female natural male enhancement herbs soldiers around a dignified Chinese army special forces soldiers twitter giggling. The standards of the army in the exercise are very natural male enhancement herbs the best natural male enhancement high, especially when it comes to the fact that the two troops have no chance of mutual interaction how to get a bigger dick with each other and now natural male enhancement herbs have the opportunity to hammer each other out. Long time looking.He spoke If natural male enhancement herbs you want to go, I will not leave you.I did not best male enhancement exercises speak, and my intentions were gone.I know what I mean for him, I am not a fool, although I am a small but simple story of humanity is understandable. Really can not remember how long before my mind gradually from the shock and fear slowly over.

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